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10 Reasons to Conduct Background Screening During the Interview Process

Katie Kulp,Vice President – Operations & Compliance at Chane Solutions

No business can be stronger than the employees who run it. No matter what industry you work in, building a solid team you can trust is the only path to success. Many managers rely on background checks to add an extra layer of security when vetting their most promising candidates, but is it worth the effort? Here’s why you should consider conducting background screening during the hiring process.

  1. Screening helps create a safer workplace
  2. Revealing disqualifying information
  3. Protection from liability
  4. Confirmation of work history
  5. Education and license verification
  6. Background screening helps you narrow the field
  7. Screening helps you make an informed decision
  8. You might learn something positive
  9. You gain peace of mind
  10. Background checks help strengthen trust

You want all new employees to be ready for their responsibilities as soon as possible, but relying on unproven workers takes a leap of faith. Eliminate these variables by performing screening checks with a reliable provider. When you are confident you can trust your new worker, it will be easier to delegate responsibilities to them.

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