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Two women share some frightening stories about the same man they say terrorized them. He came to their homes when they responded to ads from a major department store to have their air ducts cleaned. Shortly after two servicemen visited her home Carrie Smith received several vulgar texts. Smith called police, and they traced the messages to one of the servicemen’s cell phone. What Smith didn’t know at the time is that Jason Meinke, the serviceman, has a long criminal record and a history of stalking and harassing women. The 7 Action News Investigators found seven personal protection orders against Meinke taken out by seven different women over 11 years. He has six criminal convictions, misdemeanors and felonies going back to 1999, according to court records. Meinke’s latest conviction in 2011 is for aggravated stalking. Beth Morgan, another victim, according to courts records Morgan met Meinke when she called the same company to get her air ducts cleaned and chatting turned into dating and then a relationship. When Morgan discovered Meinke’s dark side and criminal history she tried to shake him but she couldn’t. She said he started stalking her. As it turns out when Morgan’s attorney confronted Meinke’s manager he provided a copy of a background check that was done in December 2010 saying Meinke passed. How is that possible? Meinke had just been released from prison a few months earlier. That’s information anyone can get for free on the Michigan Department of Correction’s web site.

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