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New York Increasingly Protects Those Convicted of Crimes to Enable Future Employment

Effective Nov. 16, 2024, New York’s Clean Slate Act will seal certain categories of records at various intervals, so that it will no longer be possible for employers to learn about certain types of criminal history. The state’s Correction Law precludes employers from rejecting job applicants based on their criminal history unless the prior conviction […]

Advancing Second Chances: Clean Slate and Other Record Reforms in 2023

This year’s CCRC report on last year’s legislative enactments, “Advancing Second Chances: Clean Slate and Other Record Reforms in 2023,” is one of a series that references more than 500 new record reforms that were enacted by all but two states. Just last year, the District of Columbia and the federal government enacted 36 separate […]

New Pennsylvania Legislation and Philadelphia Ordinance Amendment Tackle Pardoned Convictions, Expunged Records, and Negligent Hiring Liability

Pennsylvania’s House Bill No. 689, effective February 12, 2024, amends Pennsylvania law relating to the expungement of certain criminal records information and employer immunity when hiring individuals with expunged records. The law does three main things: 1. Immunizes employers from liability for any claim related to the effects of expunged records or the lawful use […]

Connecticut’s Clean Slate Law Will Wipe 81K Records in January

81,000 Connecticut residents will soon have their criminal records automatically erased as part of the state’s 2021 Clean Slate law. The move will mean a chance for better job opportunities and school acceptance for those with records. Those with more serious felony records will have an avenue through the Board of Pardons and Paroles, according […]

3 Myths About Hiring People with Criminal Records

Hiring managers often refrain from hiring those with criminal backgrounds for several reasons: fear of the person committing another crime, fear of negligent hiring lawsuits, and fear of customer reactions or how other employees will respond. But fair chance or second chance laws across the country are offering a triple win: 1. Employers get workers, […]

New York will Automatically Seal Old Criminal Records Under a New Law Signed by Gov. Hochul

A newly signed bill will seal the criminal records of New Yorkers who complete their sentences and stay out of trouble for a certain period of time. State lawmakers passed the bill in June on a party-line vote and advocates say it will help those with past convictions secure jobs, housing, and education.


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Candidate-Friendly Background Screening: How to Ensure Fairness and Transparency in the Hiring Process

Fairness and transparency are crucial when it comes to hiring to ensure equality. A diverse workforce leads to different perspectives, innovative ideas, and better business outcomes. Transparency also builds trust and can lead to higher levels of job satisfaction, while fairness promotes employee engagement and retention. Traditional background screening processes can unfairly impact candidates from […]

California Approves Amended Regulations on Employers’ Consideration of Criminal History – Accurate Investigation Services

Employers in California now must comply with individualized assessment and other preexisting California Fair Chance Act requirements for many current employees, as well as applicants. The amended regulations do not change the nature of the California Fair Chance Act. Under the amended regulations, for example, the individualized assessment that must be conducted before making a […]

An Employer’s Guide to Successful Fair Chance Hiring

An Employer’s Guide to Successful Fair Chance Hiring provides an in-depth evaluation of both the challenges and potential of reintegrating formerly incarcerated individuals into the workforce. This includes key barriers to entry for this population of workers; the economic, communal, and organizational consequences of recidivism; and tools, resources, and actionable steps that policymakers and/or small […]

Navigating NC Criminal Records: A Comprehensive Guide

Criminal records hold valuable information, but it can be difficult to know how to navigate a search. In North Carolina, many criminal records – arrest records and conviction records – are considered public records; however, some may be restricted due to juvenile involvement or sealed cases. Online databases, like the North Carolina Courts System and […]


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