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Fair Chance Act: Restricting Timing of Criminal History Inquiries Begins to Take Effect

Contractors now are starting to be awarded contracts subject to 2019’s National Defense Authorization Act for the Fiscal Year 2020, so it is important to remember a few of the requirements. The purpose of the Act is to delay inquiries into the criminal history record information of certain job applicants until later in the hiring […]

Harris County Will No Longer Ask About Criminal Histories on County Job Applications

Most county departments in Harris County will be banned from asking about a job applicant’s criminal history. County Attorney Christian Menefee said the criminal record question can be discouraging for otherwise-qualified job seekers from even applying and the policy will “prohibit departments from considering an applicant’s record of arrest if that arrest did not result […]

Federal Contractor Obligations Under Fair Chance Act

Federal contractors now must comply with the federal Fair Chance Act (FCA), which prohibits contractors from inquiring about a job applicant’s criminal background in certain cases in the initial stages of the application process. The FCA covers civilian agency contracts and defense contracts. It is not clearly defined how to determine whether a position is […]

A Radical New Approach To Measuring Recidivism Risk

In Providing Another Chance: Resetting Recidivism Risk in Criminal Background Checks, Shawn Bushway and his RAND colleagues argue that risk should instead be measured at the time a background check is conducted after an individual has had an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to reintegrate lawfully as well as their propensity to re-offend.  They label this […]

Fair Chance to Compete for Jobs Act of 2019

As part of the National Defense Authorization Act, the Fair Chance to Compete for Jobs Act of 2019 (FCA) passed congress, “banning the box” and its impact on the employment opportunities for people with records. Federal agencies and federal civilian and defense contractors may not request information on arrest and conviction history until a conditional […]

CA DFEH Cracks Down on Fair Chance Act Violations

The Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) has announced an initiative that will use technology to conduct mass searches of online job ads for statements that violate the Fair Chance Act. Employers will receive a notice that requires them to remove the unlawful practice from its procedures and messaging. According to the statute, employers […]

Using Supported Employment to Help People with Behavioral Health Needs Reentering Communities

It can be difficult for those reentering society after serving time in prison and jail to find stable employment, but supportive employment services specifically for those with behavioral health needs can help. This could include providing access to available resources, building skills to become competitive candidates, and receiving job coaching and training. This works in […]

Free Ban-The-Box Laws Guide

With the ever-changing landscape of“ban-the-box” laws and Fair Chance Act initiatives, we have put these laws and requirements together into one simple document that any hiring manager can understand.

The infographic is organized by states to include:

Any state laws pertaining to private/state employment
Counties within the state that may be subject to private/county employment
Cities within the counties […]

Orange County to ‘Ban the Box’ Asking Job Applicants About Past Criminal Convictions

At Orange County’s second annual “Desmond Meade Day,” it was announced that people applying for a job with the Orange County government will no longer have to disclose prior criminal convictions at the beginning of the application process. Officials and advocates hope the move will improve access to employment for those with a criminal record. […]

New Jersey Acting Attorney General and Department of Labor Commissioner Announce Agreements with 15 Employers in “Ban the Box” Enforcement Sweep

Fifteen companies in Trenton, N.J., have agreed to stop including language about applicants’ criminal history in their job advertisements and/or make other changes to their hiring practices. The state’s Opportunity to Compete Act reduces obstacles to employment for people with criminal records by barring covered employers from making inquiries regarding a candidate’s criminal history during […]


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