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It’s Hard to Find a Job If You’ve Been in Jail. A New Program Is Trying to Fix That

A Rand Corp. study from 2022 revealed that more than half of unemployed men in their 30s had been arrested at least once. More than a quarter of individuals who were formerly incarcerated are unemployed, which feeds the cycle of recidivism. The Los Angeles County Fair Chance Hiring Program promotes the hiring of “system impacted” […]

The Importance of Incorporating Fair Chance Hiring Into Your Business

Approximately 70 million people have some form of criminal record potentially holding them back from entering the workforce. Fair Chance Hiring and related laws aim to open up the doors to the incredible talent that exists for those with past convictions. Employment opportunities provide them with an incentive to perform better, remain loyal, and stay […]

Connecticut’s Clean Slate Has Taken Effect for the New Year

Connecticut’s Clean Slate Act, which went into effect in 2021, is designed to help individuals with convictions for low-level crimes on their records to overcome employment barriers and puts a process to erase most misdemeanor and some felony convictions after a certain time. The act only helps those without additional involvement with the criminal justice […]

New Arizona Law Will Allow Sealing of Criminal Records

A new law in Arizona is giving people a second chance. Arizonans can petition the court to get a criminal record sealed if they have completed their court sentence and terms. Certain crimes like class one felonies, sexual offenses or serious violent offenses, like using a deadly weapon, cannot be sealed.

“If they go and apply […]

Employer Alert: SB 731 Will Expand Sealing of Criminal Records

Effective July 1, 2023, SB 731 will provide for the automatic sealing of certain felony criminal records. Arrests that do not result in a conviction will also be sealed. The law also permits individuals with violent or serious felony records to petition courts to order their criminal records sealed.


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Ban the Box and Fair Chance Hiring Laws

See the attached listing of “Ban-the-Box” and Fair Chance hiring laws for private employers by jurisdiction. For more information on an individual jurisdiction’s law, click the link in the jurisdiction’s name. Note that the information contained in each state/local summary contains the highlights and is not meant to be a comprehensive discussion of each ban […]

New Program to Clear Criminal Convictions to Launch in PA

TimeDone Pennsylvania, a new program from the Alliance of Safety and Justice, aims to help people clear their records of past criminal convictions to allow for a fresh start. The program provides connections to legal resources and employers for people with criminal records, free background checks, and other services.


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Could Second-Chance Hiring Be the Answer to the Labor Shortage?

Chamber of Commerce statistics reveal that one in three adults has a criminal record and most are overlooked when applying for jobs. Second-chance hiring could be the answer to responding to the labor market shortage. There are benefits for both the employee and employer when hiring formerly incarcerated individuals. For starters, getting a job reduces […]

Ban the Box Laws by Jurisdiction

This interactive map by Accurate Background has been designed to help employers better understand ban-the-box laws and help them determine when they can inquire into and use an applicant’s criminal history for employment purposes. This map is geared specifically toward private employers only.

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Survey Reveals Americans Want Employers to End Discrimination Against Job Seekers With Criminal Backgrounds

According to a Kelly Services survey, seven in 10 Americans say employers should eliminate blanket-bans that automatically reject job seekers with minor, non-violent criminal offenses on their record. The results of the survey were released to the public in April, demonstrating that Americans want companies to end discriminatory hiring practices and policies, and offer second […]


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