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What to Consider When Conducting a Background Check on Your Next Nanny

It is important for employers to conduct comprehensive nanny background checks, but oftentimes, families overlook this critical step when hiring a nanny or caregiver, citing concerns over the legal aspects of requesting information. But, according to Mike Coffey, SPHR, it’s this uncertainty that can lead to a catastrophe if the wrong person is trusted with providing care in the home. He suggests that trusting, but verifying, is the key to making the right hire. Parents should focus on criminal behavior, negligent behavior, qualifications and experience. It can be difficult to conduct a criminal background check since there is no single source of records. Information could be found in numerous county courthouses, but a professional background investigator can assist in the process, which can take three to five days. Driving history should also be reviewed, as well. Other things to consider including: qualifications, experience and a review of the initial interview once the background screening is complete. 

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