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Watching the Private Eye: A Bill to Regulate Private Investigators

HB80, a bill regulating the licensing, education and requirements to be a private investigator, has passed out of the House Governmental Affairs Committee and will now go before the full House for approval. The bill will require private investigators in the sate of Alabama to be licensed, tested and approved by a board that the HB80 will create. Presently, Alabama has no laws that oversee, regulate or offer any standard to become a private investigator. Everyone who has a business license to be a private investigator currently will be grandfathered in, but it will only allow those who have had a business license for five consecutive years be considered for the board. There are a few exceptions to the bill such as CPAs that do forensic accounting. Proponents of the bill believe that the sensitive information that private investigators acquire should only be in the hands of licensed professionals.

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