Use of Advanced Truth Verification Technology Increases

The Computer Voice Stress Analyzer CVSA ® is the only voice stress analyzer in the world with two U.S. Patents, and the only system worldwide incorporating the FACT® scoring system, which uses scientifically validated processes to reliably and precisely evaluate the results of CVSA examinations. The CVSA is now used by close to 2,000 agencies and is the most widely used truth verification system in the U.S., far surpassing the number of agencies that use older polygraph equipment. A soon to be published research study will report the accuracy rate of the CVSA is greater than 95%, an assertion long made by the system’s manufacturer. The study’s results are further supported by current U.S. Government funded voice analysis research which has found voice technologies performed well for border security applications. Research conducted in both Europe and the U.S. over the past several years supports the superiority of voice stress analysis technology over older polygraph equipment, which explains the rapid adoption of the CVSA for truth verification applications in Latin America.

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