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Under the Microscope: The How and Why of Background Checks

Corporations are increasingly cautious in order to ensure the integrity of their service partners are deeper levels and wary of putting someone in a transferee’s path who has not been background-checked. Many background checks include verification of identity, employment history, and education; information on credit or financial and motor vehicle records; confirmation of professional licenses; and a search to determine if there is a criminal past. The trend toward background checks being requested more frequently by those generating transfers and global assignments is driven by a few factors: the greater overall focus on safety and security (both data and physical); prodigious advances in technology, as well as social media profiles that make the screening process easier; and speedier and more cost-effective channels to source information. And adding to the argument on behalf of background checks is the heightened employer concern that individuals may not always be straightforward about their background and employment histories. . “Background checks protect the company providing a service or generation an assignment and also show employees, their families, and our referral sources that we value their safety and security,” said Lisa Milovanovic, president of Global Mobility Designs, LLC. Experts agree it is critical to have a trusted and extremely reputable global vendor network.

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