On Thursday March 6th, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce together with NAPBS and the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA) hosted an event highlighting the importance of background checks and the continued challenges posed by EEOC’s 2012 criminal history Guidance.

The day included CDIA’s president, Stuart Pratt, offering statistics from a recent survey regarding consumer perceptions of the use of background checks by employers. The survey of consumers indicated that there continues to be widespread support for employers continuing to rely on screens to make informed hiring decisions. The day also included a panel discussion that included several large employers and a small business.

Following the employer panel, attendees were treated to a thoughtful interview of former EEOC General Counsel Don Livingston by Mary Kissel of the Wall Street Journal. Finally, a panel of legal experts discussed the impact the Guidance has had on the EEOC’s enforcement practices.

“In response to the Guidance, employers have made substantial investments in time and resources to ensure compliance,” said Judy Gootkind, NAPBS Board Chair. “Yet there is a serious disparity among businesses based on size. The reality is that small businesses are hard-pressed to afford a compliance adjudicator and even large companies that have the resources aren’t seeing a return on their investment when they try to comply with an EEOC that has simply failed to adequately and clearly define disparate impact.”

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