TransUnion Legislative Update

On February 26, the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) issued a Request for Information (RFI) in order to solicit public comment regarding access to the Death Master File (DMF). As required by budget bill passed by Congress, NTIS was required to establish a certification program by which entities may gain access to the DMF. The RFI sought input on how companies use the DMF for legitimate fraud purposes and how companies would provide assurances the DMF data would be safe against unauthorized access. On February 27, the CFPB’s Consumer Advisory Board conducted a public hearing on the consumer experience with the credit reporting system. Stuart Pratt, President & CEO of CDIA, represented the industry before the CAB. On the same day, CFPB released a report entitled, “Credit Reporting Complaint Snapshot.” The report found that accuracy issues in credit reporting were the most common complaints the CFPB received from consumers. In Puerto Rico, HB 1354 passed the House on Feb. 13 and is on its way for consideration in the Senate. The bill conflicts with existing requirements under the FCRA, which requires CRAs to include notices of direct furnisher disputes in each consumer report that contains the disputed information.

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