To Screen or Not to Screen?

According to HireRight’s 2012 Employment Screening Benchmarking Report, 34% of respondents perform background checks on current employees, and experts in the field believe the trend is growing. It’s a step toward furthering risk management and maintaining a safe working environment for employees and clients. “Since a background check is a snapshot in time, employers should be interested in ongoing screening to help identify employees who may commit crimes that would have precluded their initial hire,” notes Steven James, founder and chief operating officer of Background Profiles. Certain industries are more prone to receive the value of investing in annual background screens such as in the health care, transportation, and financial services industries. Various factors should be taken into consideration if your organization moves forward with annual background screening: Consent is key; Keep cost and relevancy in mind; Think about compliance; Communicate and be consistent; Contractors count too. And if every year isn’t in your budget, think about spacing apart total workforce screens every two years.

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