These 5 Trends Are Shaping the Future of Pre-hire Assessments

2013 is going to present the start of a major tipping point in the way people find jobs and are evaluated for jobs, and a blend of technology and assessment content will play a big role in these ongoing changes. This opinion is not founded on trends within the pre-hire assessment industry, but rather on the bigger picture of emerging trends in Internet technology: Social Connectivity; Collective Intelligence; Gamification; Credentialing; and Entrepreneurial Culture. The ability of data to drive useful connections with others who share the same interests and the ability to share information across relationships is rapidly gaining teeth. It is now possible to use personal preferences, connections, and interests to provide meaningful insights into almost everything. In terms of hiring, connectivity continues to make sourcing (and job searching) easier. The emerging Internet has introduced many sites and businesses who offer the ability to collect input from multiple persons, aggregate the data, and report on it such that one overall opinion creates an accurate representation of the views of many. When combined with increases in connectivity, we gain the ability to collect insight about a person, product, or service that may not be exactly in line with what is outwardly represented.

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