The Truth Behind “Ban the Box”!

At its most basic, “Ban the Box” means removing the “box” on any application that asks whether the person has a prior criminal history. In removing this box, it is believed that the possibility of immediate discrimination towards those with a past criminal record would be eliminated. It is also thought that by banning this box that the “disparate discrimination” against minorities will be lessened. “Ban the Box” legislation restricts an employer from asking about a candidate’s criminal history prior to or during the application process. It is only after making a conditional offer of employment that an employer would be permitted to consider the candidate’s criminal history. It is still crucial for a company to be aware of their obligations to their existing employees and customers. Hiring a good background check company is a great step in this direction. Qualified background check companies help in this process by staying on top of all EEOC guidelines and state and federal laws. A professional background check company will also go to the source and check all criminal records found during the background check process with the courts. “Ban the Box” does not have to give an advantage solely to the applicant. If done right, it also provides an employer with the ability to protect themselves while still allowing the opportunity for a “second chance”.

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