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Ban the Box and Fair Chance Hiring Laws

See the attached listing of “Ban-the-Box” and Fair Chance hiring laws for private employers by jurisdiction. For more information on an individual jurisdiction’s law, click the link in the jurisdiction’s name. Note that the information contained in each state/local summary contains the highlights and is not meant to be a comprehensive discussion of each ban […]

Ban the Box Laws by Jurisdiction

This interactive map by Accurate Background has been designed to help employers better understand ban-the-box laws and help them determine when they can inquire into and use an applicant’s criminal history for employment purposes. This map is geared specifically toward private employers only.

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Delaware Moves Forward with ‘Ban the Box’ Legislation for College Admissions

A bill has been proposed in Delaware that would forbid the state’s public and private colleges from inquiring about applicants’ criminal histories. Colleges would be permitted to ask about students’ criminal backgrounds once they are admitted so they can offer counseling or restrict participation in campus life. The move is intended to promote diversity and, […]

What is Clean Slate Legislation and How May It Impact Hiring?

Clean Slate laws are popping up more and more frequently across the country, making it possible to erase, remove and automatically seal some criminal records from the public view, if the individual remains crime-free for a set period of time. So far, Pennsylvania, Utah, Michigan, Connecticut, Delaware, Oklahoma, and Colorado all have such laws, which […]

The Recent Evolution of Ban the Box/Fair Chance Laws

Ban the box and Fair Chance laws continue to evolve across the country. Primarily focused on prohibiting private and public employers from asking the applicant about their criminal history on the job application, states across the country have adopted varying models of Fair Chance laws. Updated requirements with state and local laws include more advanced […]

Spotlight on Des Moines’ ‘Ban-the-Box’ Law

The City of Des Moines, Iowa, passed a “ban-the-box” law in November that makes it “illegal and discriminatory” for employers to include criminal history inquiries on an application and inquire into criminal history or conduct criminal background checks before a conditional offer of employment is made. Employers are required to comply with all federal and […]

Des Moines Passes ‘Ban the Box’ Law Prohibiting Criminal Inquiries on Job Applications

A “ban-the-box” law was passed in November 2021 in the city of Des Moines, Iowa. The law makes it “illegal and discriminatory” for employers to include criminal history inquiries on an application and inquiries into criminal history or to conduct criminal background checks before a conditional offer of employment.


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Harris County Will No Longer Ask About Criminal Histories on County Job Applications

Most county departments in Harris County will be banned from asking about a job applicant’s criminal history. County Attorney Christian Menefee said the criminal record question can be discouraging for otherwise-qualified job seekers from even applying and the policy will “prohibit departments from considering an applicant’s record of arrest if that arrest did not result […]

Fair Chance to Compete for Jobs Act of 2019

As part of the National Defense Authorization Act, the Fair Chance to Compete for Jobs Act of 2019 (FCA) passed congress, “banning the box” and its impact on the employment opportunities for people with records. Federal agencies and federal civilian and defense contractors may not request information on arrest and conviction history until a conditional […]

Free Ban-The-Box Laws Guide

With the ever-changing landscape of“ban-the-box” laws and Fair Chance Act initiatives, we have put these laws and requirements together into one simple document that any hiring manager can understand.

The infographic is organized by states to include:

Any state laws pertaining to private/state employment
Counties within the state that may be subject to private/county employment
Cities within the counties […]


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