The [Ongoing] Evolution of Ban the Box

First implemented in 1998 in Hawaii, Ban the Box laws have become much more than just removing the section on an application asking about criminal history. Many of today’s regulations also govern when employers are allowed to ask about criminal records and while the majority cover the public sector, many laws also apply to private-sector employers. Today, 36 states, Washington, D.C., and more than 150 cities and counties have adopted Ban the Box policies, but each varies greatly based on location. There are currently 1 out of 3 Americans living with a criminal record, restricting them from securing employment. Allowing these individuals a second chance doesn’t just help them lead more productive lives and reduces recidivism, it also can provide a much-needed boost to the economy. Employers can apply these laws within their workforce by considering company size and location, determining whether the business is a government agency or private employer, and considering how the laws apply to various industries.


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