The Importance of a Comprehensive Breach Response Strategy that Includes Insurance

Roughly 10% of companies in the United States purchase a comprehensive breach response strategy despite the fact that everyone needs it. Comprehensive coverage goes hand in hand with breach prevention, breach response and cyber liability insurance. Breach prevention includes hardware, software and corporate culture, and the quality of these components can greatly vary. An estimated 60 to 65 percent of breaches are caused by something internally, making underwriting a cyber liability policy difficult. Understanding a company’s breach prevention strategy and their existing environment is the first step to building a comprehensive breach strategy, while securing a cyber liability insurance policy that fits into their breach response plan is the last step. The cyber liability insurance market offers a variety of policies ranging from limited to complete control in the breach response process. Oftentimes insurance companies and brokers try to take many decisions out of the insured’s hands, so it important for companies to find an insurance vendor who offers a policy that fits their specific needs, without giving away too much control.

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