Tenant Screening! It’s Critical if You’re a Rental Apartment Landlord!

Tenant screening is crucial for landlords and property management companies. It’s better to be prepared; so always trust, but verify! In today’s rental atmosphere getting a property rented to a qualified tenant will require a ridged tenant screening check that includes a complete and informative application, credit check the tenant provides, first and last month rent, cleaning deposit, and an extra deposit for any pets. And since most landlords already have their hands full with the tedium of the daily activities of overseeing a plethora of rental units, property management companies have pretty much taken over the tenant screening process. They will handle rental payments and deposits and when necessary, initiate the eviction of a tenant. However, one must “tread softly” in dealing with all tenants thanks to the Fair Housing Laws. Some states have extremely strict tenant-landlord laws that many times favor the tenant. It has been said by many property owners that about 90% of most any tenant problems can quickly be eliminated via your initial tenant screening check.

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