Tenant Screening: A Comprehensive Background Check to Avoid Bad Tenants

Conducting a background check on a prospect tenant should be a standard operating procedure for landlords. Sometimes a tenant’s background check may simply consist of verifying employment status, checking with previous landlords, and managing a credit check. Rental applications alone go a long way in helping to check basic facts such as the names of employers and previous landlords and whether the tenant is a smoker. Landlords must get permission to talk with employers or prior landlords and they must have written permission to access a person’s personal credit profile. Frequently, perspective tenants have to pay the fee to confirm credit, so they’re automatically aware that credit rating is a potential consideration. There are also many tenant referencing online tools on the market that help landlords and agents get rid of the risk of both the commercial and residential leasing processes. Online software acquires information including: bankruptcies, unresolved cases, payment records, repossessions, etc.

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