Ten Key FCRA Decisions of 2020

In addition to the continued increase in the number of Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) case filings, 2020 also saw several key decisions handed down by federal courts. These relate to diverse issues like matching procedures of credit reporting agencies (CRAs), Article III standing, the meaning of “maximum possible accuracy” and preemption of state credit reporting laws. Ten key FCRA decisions were made in Williams v. First Advantage LNS Screening Solutions, Ramirez v. TransUnion LLC, Walker v. Fred Meyer, Inc., Luna v. Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport, Inc., Davis v. C&D Security Management, Inc. et al., Moran v. The Screening Pros, LLC, et al., Domante v. Dish Networks, LLC, Consumer Data Industry Association v. Frey, Settles v. Trans Union, LLC, and Erickson v. First Advantage Background Services Corp.


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