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Financial Services Focus: 2017 HireRight EMEA Employment Screening Benchmark Report

HireRight’s Financial Services Industry Focus Employment Screening Benchmark Report provides you with insights into the trends and challenges in the upcoming year in background screening. We asked HR professionals in the Financial Services industry from across the globe for their thoughts on the year ahead for background screening and the wider screening landscape – this report looks at the responses we had from those in the EMEA region.

What’s covered in the report?

  • The impact of Brexit on background screening
  • The value of conducting background checks – how many issues are found because of screening?
  • The challenges faced by Financial Services firms in screening and wider business
  • Top focus areas for your business for the year ahead

Download your copy of our Financial Services Focus:  2017 HireRight EMEA Employment Screening Benchmark Report today.

Regulation Ready: Preparing for the new regulatory framework for financial services

With the introduction of the Senior Manager’s Regime, Certified Regime and Conduct Rules by the Financial Conduct Authority, Financial Services firms have made changes to the way they screen employees, to ensure they remain compliant.

But what do the new rules mean for firms in the sector? How can they stay compliant with the new regulations regarding the background screening of new and existing employees? What are the biggest issues?

HireRight’s due diligence report, ‘Regulation Ready: Preparing for the new regulatory framework for financial services’ addresses the primary concerns of the financial services industry based on insights from HireRight’s Regulatory Roundtable in November 2015, featuring senior representatives from leading financial services firms.

Download the report to get:

  • An overview of the regulations and what they mean for employee screening
  • The key concerns of the industry
  • HireRight’s recommendations to mitigate risk of falling below the new standards
  • A checklist for staying compliant






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For an in depth look at background screening read the following book:

Managing Hiring Risk from the HR and Security Perspectives

Managing Hiring Risk from the HR and Security Perspectives

By W. Barry Nixon, SPHR and Kim Kerr, CPP

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Copyright 2008
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Butterworth-Heinemann Title
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EmployeeScreenIQ: The Unvarnished Truth: 2014 Top Trends in Employment Background Checks

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