Security Experts Fear UK Lacks Knowledge of EU Data Reform

Data security expert, PHS Datashred, is calling for the EU to do more to educate British businesses on the financial impact of proposed changes to law. The company said that struggling British firms could be hit with an unexpected ‘tidal wave’ of cost associated with compliance to new European data laws if they are not fully prepared. PHS Datashred goes on to say that the proposals to change the law relate to the way data is handled and managed and that British companies could suffer significant costs in appointing data controllers to comply. According to a survey of 506 businesses by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), approximately 87% of businesses are unable to estimate the costs of the draft proposals to their organisation. The report also found that 40% of companies do not fully understand any of the ten main provisions being proposed and that none of those surveyed could accurately describe all ten provisions. Managing Director of PHS Datashred, Anthony Pearlgood said, “There is undoubtedly a requirement to bring the regulations into the 21st century but it should not be done before businesses are able to assess how much it will actually cost them.”

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