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RSA 2012: U.S. Lobbying Hard to Alter EU Data Protection Law

The American government wants European data protection proposals changed, and is working with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to lobby the EU to alter them. The European Commission proposed a fresh directive and a new regulation on data protection last year that came under fire for introducing a number of “overbearing” proposals, including fines of up to two percent of the global annual turnover of a company for severe security events, a 24-hour data breach disclosure rule, a stipulation to make companies with more than 250 employees appoint a data protection officer, and the need to implement “privacy by design”. Adam Schlosser, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s senior manager for global regulatory cooperation said the Chamber of Commerce had made incremental progress, and that the business community will need sustained and continued efforts to develop a pragmatic approach that considers how a final regulation can actually work in the real world. Schlosser noted that some of the biggest concerns are providing flexibility for different business models, allowing for compliance with existing legal obligations (such as anti-fraud) both in the EU and in third countries, and creating a ‘one-stop shop’ that is predictable and consistent.

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