Outdoing Arizona and Alabama: Georgia’s Quest for Immigration Compliance SB 160

The Georgia State Legislature passed SB 160 this last session and just signed into law by Governor Nathan Deal, which greatly expands Georgia’s previous immigration compliance law HB 87. SB 160 potentially imposes greater hardships to many state sub-contractors, increases the scope of influence of the Immigration Enforcement Review Board (IERB), while likely violating federal law. Simply put, SB 160 makes it harder to legitimately do business in Georgia. However, there is a key provision missing from this bill — a severability clause. Without such a clause, if any part of SB 160 is declared unconstitutional, then the entire law could well be struck down. In light of all of this, it seems that erring on the side of justice, constitutionality, and fairness, Governor Deal’s decision to sign SB 160 was certainly not in the best interest of Georgians.

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