Oral Fluid Testing Myths Get Busted 

Workplace Safety Screenings has been using oral fluid testing for about a decade in an effort to eliminate cheating. It also allows the company to perform on-site testing and provide reliable results to employers. The company’s team of testing specialists has addressed some of the most common oral fluid testing myths: 1. Oral fluid testing is inaccurate (it’s no less accurate than urine testing), 2. Oral fluid testing is not efficient (testing can take place anywhere, at any time), 3. Oral fluid testing is easily cheated (this form of testing is virtually tamper-proof), 4. The window of detection is too short (detection times start within minutes of ingestion) 5. Oral fluid testing is illegal in the U.S. (While some restrictions in certain states do apply, nearly every state allows oral fluid testing), 6. Oral fluid testing is too complicated to implement (it’s less invasive and the collection process is easier.)

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