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Nanny Background Checks: What Every Family Needs to Know Before Hiring a Caregiver 

Just as a background check is conducted on all employees joining a business, the same should be done when considering bringing a nanny into the home. According to Tammy Tucker of National Crime Search, Inc., a nanny background check can “help parents ensure they’re hiring a trustworthy nanny to care for their children and keep them safe.” Doing so can reveal any alarming items in a person’s criminal history and also provide an idea of the person’s character. Although the majority of background investigations don’t raise red flags, Mike Coffey of Imperative, which owns PFC Information Services, said at least a fourth of the business’s reports identify some sort of criminal record. A comprehensive nanny background check also includes running a Motor Vehicle Report, as well as criminal records from individual courthouses. Cost can vary and Coffey recommends avoiding any service that claims to be instant and reminds families that state laws should be considered and followed to avoid noncompliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). 

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