Nanny Background Checks: Are Instant Background Checks Safe? 

A nanny background check can take a few days to a week to be completed, which can be frustrating for some employers, but skipping out on the process by conducting an instant background check could provide outdated results and a search that doesn’t include enough databases. Families seeking to hire a nanny may want to include a civil court record in addition to a regular background check, which typically includes a credit history, criminal record, driving record, employment and society security verification. It’s important for any potential nanny to be honest about any lawsuits or past convictions, whether a misdemeanor or felony. Families also should consider conducting a motor vehicle search to ensure safety while traveling with children in the vehicle. Beyond the basics, a few more places to check include a character reference, drug testing, higher education verification and sex offender or child abuse registries, but keep in mind that there are things can and cannot be asked of a nanny, including the individual’s maiden name or year of birth (can’t) and a nanny’s full name or any criminal convictions (can).  

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