Medical Background Checks: How to Discuss Continuous Monitoring in Your Employee Handbook

The employee handbook serves as the perfect place to discuss continuous monitoring, which can pick up where pre-employment background screening leaves off and help a business manage risk and protect the workplace. Placing information in the employee handbook allows an employer to demonstrate how continuous monitoring activities align with the goal of maintaining a safe work culture. Details should cover why the monitoring is conducted, what aspects of a background will be checked, the process for self-reporting or correcting erroneous information, a description of the adverse action process, where employees can go to find updated disclosure and authorization documents, how employee privacy is protected, how policy changes and updates will be conducted, who conducts the monitoring and key points of contacts for questions. Including this information not only allows a business to maintain transparency, but it also creates trust in the workplace, allows healthcare employers to meet compliance obligations, and allows for the overall management of talent management risks.


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