J.B. Hunt Drops Ban on Hiring Those with Criminal Records

Transportation giant J.B. Hunt has agreed to revise its hiring policy that the EEOC claimed prohibited hiring anyone with a criminal record. The case began with a single black applicant who was denied a truck driving position because he had been convicted of a crime. The EEOC claimed the conviction was unrelated to the man’s potential job duties. Therefore, refusing to hire the applicant violated EEOC guidance on hiring those with a criminal record. J.B. Hunt agreed to a five-year monitoring program and also settled with the applicant. Before deciding whether to hire or turn down an applicant who has a criminal record, the EEOC recommends conducting an evaluation of the: 1. Nature and gravity of the offense or conduct; 2. Time that has passed since conviction and completion of the sentence; and 3. Nature of the job.

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