It’s Time to Rethink Your Background Screening Program

While the pre-employment screening conducted by most businesses is critical in making the right hire, doing so may no longer be sufficient with the increase in remote work. This type of workforce makes it easy to miss the day-to-day observations that can alert employers of red flag behaviors. Several options exist, including employee rescreening (running abbreviated background checks on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis), employee monitoring solutions (including motor vehicle reports, healthcare sanction reports, social media profiles and real-time arrest alerts) and continuous arrest monitoring (described by Security Magazine as when a “firm sends an employer alerts if staff members get arrested or incarcerated, or in some cases, if they have liens filed against them, have become liable for civil judgments, appear on no-fly lists, lose their medical license, get disbarred, or otherwise appear in a database that calls into question the safety or security implications of keeping them on board.”)


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