Is Social Media Being Used to Find and Reject Candidates?

A recent survey by recruitment firm,, has revealed that social media is being used extensively by some recruiters to both find and reject suitable candidates. The survey of more than 7,000 recruitment companies, HR managers and recruiters in the UK found that 82% of employers have looked up potential candidates on social media sites, while some 64% have rejected a job application after viewing a candidate’s social media profile. According to the findings, 88% of recruiters used LinkedIn for candidate recruitment, with 25% using Facebook and 8% using Twitter. A third of recruiters said they found candidates on industry-based job boards, but traditional print ad job advertising had fallen in popularity, with 63% of recruiters saying social media was now considered to be more effective. “Social media is now a powerful recruitment tool for getting the right person in position faster and cheaper than traditional forms of advertising,” said Kevin Forbes, CEO of The survey also revealed that 77% of recruiters felt that social media provided them with better access to candidates and 41% said it gave them better insight into whether candidates were suitable.

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