International Packaging Inc. Guilty of 94 Form I-9 Violations

An administrative law judge for the Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer found Minneapolis, Minnesota-based International Packaging Inc. mostly liable for a series of Form I-9 violations. For the most part, Ellen Thomas ruled in favor of the government in the case over employment eligibility verification violations, according to court documents. IPI, a promotional marketing company, was found guilty of 94 of the 95 charges brought against it by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Thomas made the ruling after a bid by ICE for partial summary judgment. “The decision continues the government’s policy of shifting the burden to private employers to enforce Department of Homeland Security rules,” DeAnne Hilgers, International’s attorney said. ICE argued for a baseline penalty of $935 per violation. However, Thomas noted that both parties will be given the chance to argue their cases in regard to potential penalties.

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