ICE Announces Up to Five-Fold Increase in Form I-9 Worksite Inspections

In an effort to continue to promote homeland security and public safety, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Acting Director Thomas Homan announced a significant increase in worksite related investigations. Worksite enforcement is an important component of ICE’s overall strategy. There are a number of proven strategies that employers can initiate immediately to address the risks of an ICE worksite audit. Compliance awareness with an emphasis on the importance of the I-9 form is a great first start. Conducting a self-audit is the best way to uncover I-9 errors and omissions, and the creation of an internal handbook that specifically documents how I-9 forms will be completed and reviewed for accuracy demonstrates good faith and serves as a great training document. Finally, the use of an electronic I-9 system helps ensure compliance moving forward.

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