HR e-briefing: Criminal Records Certificates – What’s Changing?

A number of recent developments in relation to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and criminal records checks will affect employers, in particular the new update service being launched on 17 June. The new subscription service is intended to make the vetting process of job applicants faster and more straightforward for employers. It will allow individuals, subject to them having subscribed to the update service for an annual fee of £13, to keep their DBS certificate up-to-date so they can take it with them when they move jobs or roles. There is no fee for volunteers. Employers will be able to carry out free, online, instant checks, known as status checks, to see if any new information has come to light since the certificate’s issue, provided the same type and level of check is required, the individual has subscribed to the update service and has consented to the employer’s check. To coincide with the launch of the update service, the DBS will only issue DBS certificates to the individual applicant, which will provide applicants with the opportunity to review and challenge any of the certificate’s content before it is released to a registered body.

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