For Hire: Professional Liars for Job Seekers

Paladin Deception Services, founded by former private detective Timothy Green, claims to run a company in Forest Lake, MN that will lie to anyone about anything, advertising its services for $54 per month. Green says customers run the gamut — from cheating spouses in need of alibis to people playing hooky from work. But the real demand comes from job seekers, making up more than 60% of what he says are its 250 to 300 monthly clients. “We can replace a supervisor with a fictitious one, alter your work history, provide you with a positive employment reputation, and give you the glowing reference that you need,” Paladin’s website states. Green is adamant that nothing his company does is illegal., The Reference Store, and Fake Your Job are also in the business of offering fake references for job seekers. But the lies these companies pitch could have serious ramifications for a job seeker. Many hiring departments already take additional steps to verify references listed by applicants. And even if a fibber does get hired, it’s hard to keep up the act. Coworkers find out the truth or a boss realizes that the employee’s skills don’t match the qualifications that the fictitious reference raved about. And while it’s unlikely the employee would face legal action if they are discovered, they can count on being fired.

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