While the confirmation of past employment, performance and salary levels is an essential step in hiring, the typical process of phoning several of a candidate’s prior colleagues and managers is a burden for HR administrators. When this is multiplied across several open positions, a hiring manager may find herself working the phones for many hours a day. No more, thanks to the Selectech 360 Reference Check system, newly released by ERC Dataplus. This new software module allows HR administrators to select a role-specific or general script of questions; these are used to create a unique and secure profile for each job finalist. Once the survey script is chosen from among several dozen options, HR sends a survey link within a simple email message to the job finalist, along with instructions for the finalist to share the survey with his or her references. The finalist sends an e-mail (with the Web link) to the former colleagues he or she selects: supervisors, peers, direct reports, customers/clients; the finalist can also complete a reference evaluation. HR determines how many references the finalist must contact; the system can handle multiples of ten individuals.

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