Employment Agency For Ex-Prisoners Launched

A temporary recruitment agency has been launched to help provide temporary employment opportunities for prisoners upon their release. Established by Kate Beech, who has 20 years’ experience in recruitment, and Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) Featherstone, the new company Chance (2013) Ltd. aims to support former prisoners into work. Beech said the level of skill and qualifications of many of the prisoners was often ignored due to their criminal background. During their time in prison, however, she said many of them had developed a strong desire to work and even in some cases start a new career. For some, they want to return to the jobs they successfully held before being convicted. “The relationship between [the] staff at Chance and [the] prisoners is built up over the final three months of their sentence so we are confident we [can] place them with the appropriate employer and within the right industry,” said Beech. She adds: “This recruitment process means they will come out paying National Insurance and paying their own rent rather than relying on benefits until they find a job which may never happen on their own.” Beech is also working with charities and rehabilitation groups to offer general support to the prisoners when they are released.

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