Cozy Could Make Renting Much More Comfortable for Both Landlords and Tenants

The service, Cozy, is looking to reboot the way that renters and landlords interact. Renters create a profile in Cozy containing information about themselves, including references and job information (verified through LinkedIn) that can then be quickly and securely submitted to potential landlords who are looking for tenants. Once that renter finds a place (or gives up trying) he or she can retract those applications, leaving no trace behind and providing much greater security than a paper or traditional online application could ever afford. Landlords, too, create profiles and list their properties, including photos and lease payment details. They can accept applications and, once a tenant is identified, process payments digitally. Cozy uses ACH direct debit payments, enabling a renter to push money directly to the landlord’s account from their own. The service even aggregates multiple payments from roommates and, should one person be lagging behind, send an email to all the happy (or unhappy) cohorts to let them know exactly who is holding up the process. It costs landlords $9 per month for every unit they list on Cozy.

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