Connecticut Drug Testing Statutes Do Not Apply To Hair Tests, Court Holds

Connecticut’s drug testing laws apply only to urinalysis drug tests and not to a drug test using hair specimens which led to an employee’s termination, a Connecticut trial court has held. Schofield v. Loureiro Engineering Associates, Inc., 2015 Conn. Super. LEXIS 1262 (Super. Ct., D. Waterbury, Docket No. CV 146024702S, May 22, 2015).

Plaintiff Ronald Schofield began work for the Company on April 1, 2014. A little over two weeks later he was directed to take a drug test. (The decision is silent as to reason for the test.) The test relied on hair analysis. Schofield was not informed he would be subject to drug testing after he was employed. As a result of the drug testing, he was terminated.

Schofield brought suit against the Company alleging violations of the state drug testing laws. He also claimed, alternatively, that he was fired in violation of public policy.

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