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Google and Facebook are not Substitutes for a Volunteer Background Check

It may be tempting for nonprofit organizations to skip the background checks for financial reasons and go straight to social media and Google, but there are just as many reasons not to rely on these sources. To start, some important things just won’t show up. A Facebook profile is only information that the user wants […]

Sex Offender Registry

Many criminals don’t look like criminals. That’s why, as an employer, the ability to run a background check on a potential employee is extremely valuable. An employer has to place a lot of trust into someone that they have only just met and know very little about when they hire a new employee. Similarly, a […]

New Twist On The Sex-Offender Registry: Financial Crime

States have taken the idea of the sex-offender registry and applied it to everything from kidnapping to animal abuse. Utah is expanding it into new territory: financial crime. An early version of the White Collar Crime Offender Registry includes more than 100 people convicted of tax, credit-card or insurance fraud; thefts from employers or friends; […]

Baltimore County Council Backs Bill Requiring Background Check for Coaches

The Baltimore County Council approved legislation requiring coaches and other recreation volunteers who work with children to undergo background checks, a move officials said is meant to protect children from sexual predators. The county is the only jurisdiction in the Baltimore region that does not run background checks on volunteers for government-sponsored recreational activities. “There […]

Background Checks for Daycare Workers Under Scrutiny

A bill working its way through the California Legislature would require the state Department of Social Services to conduct an investigation before it issues criminal clearances to people with arrest records seeking employment in thousands of state-licensed facilities. An investigation revealed that for three years, DSS was handing out criminal clearance letters before investigations were […]

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