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How Social Media Screening Boosts Pro Soccer Teams

Social media is now a new scouting tool in the world of professional soccer. Major League Soccer (MLS), Premier League, and all major league teams can use social media to unveil a player’s character, assess team fit, identify potential brand ambassadors, mitigate public relations disasters, identify hidden gems, and reveal potential hires for staff and […]

New York Bans Employers from Requiring Disclosure of Personal Social Media Login Credentials

A new bill was signed into law in September that prohibits New York employers from requesting or requiring that employees or job applicants disclose the log-in credentials for their personal social media accounts or retaliating against employees or job applicants who refuse to do so. The new restrictions apply only to personal social media accounts […]

What is a social media check?

A social media check, also known as social media screening or social media background check, is a process where an employer or organization examines an individual’s social media profiles and online presence to gather information about them. This practice is often used as part of the background screening process during hiring or for other purposes […]

Social Media Screening: Is It Here to Stay?

Whether a candidate is the right fit goes beyond what’s listed on an applicant’s CV. Social media checks are growing in popularity and can serve as a tool for understanding a candidate’s character. Neotas, in partnership with Vero, has revealed that 43 percent of social media content screening from April 2023 through May 2023 contained […]

Ensuring Cultural Fit: Top 5 Insights You Get from Social Intelligence Background Checks

Traditional background checks cover an individual’s qualifications and criminal history but fail to uncover vital insights into a candidate’s personality, social behavior, and cultural fit. Social intelligence background checks can help businesses examine a candidate’s online presence and interactions, which offer valuable insights into their communication style, values, and overall online behavior. Key aspects when […]

The Legalities of Screening Candidates’ Social Media

Although it can be helpful and 70 percent of employers admit to doing it, according to a 2020 survey by the Harris Poll, social media screening as part of the hiring process can be a risk for employers. Using information found on the Internet or on social media could lead to violations of the Americans […]

Keep It Clean: Social Media Screenings Gain in Popularity

A 2020 survey by the Harris Poll revealed that 70 percent of the employers who responded said they believe every company should screen candidates’ social media profiles during the hiring process. A social media screening includes researching profiles and activity, such as what is posted, liked, and commented on. The most common apps that are […]

What You Can and Can’t See When It Comes to Candidate’s Online Activity – The Truth Will Surprise You!

Although the legality of social media background screening isn’t well understood by most recruiters and hiring managers, it is important to be done in a compliant way that ensures the protection of the candidate and the employer and in adherence to an applicant’s rights under the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The use of […]

Are Social Media Background Checks Legal?

Those conducting background checks often wonder if using social media during the process is legal. While social media background checks are legal, they also come with a list of policies that make it almost impossible for companies to do it themselves without breaking the law. Checking social media accounts can make employers aware of demonstrations […]

Tips for Employer Social Media Screening

More and more employers are screening social media before hiring a candidate, but simply browsing through social media posts is not a recommended approach since doing so can reveal information that cannot be used in a hiring decision. To remain compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), employers should always get permission from the […]


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