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AI in the World of Emotional Digital Content

There is no denying the value in the use of AI systems, but many wonder whether human jobs will eventually be replaced. While the answer is a potential “yes” in the automotive industry, where fully autonomous AI can be applied, human interaction is still required in industries like human resources. Assisted AI can help these […]

World Economic Forum, EU Push for Human-Centered AI Regulatory Framework to Build Trust

=With privacy and human rights activists asking for a complete ban of the use of biometric technology, the World Economic Forum (WEF) believes that establishing systems to support product teams, auto-assessments, and third-party audits could build trust by preventing bias and misuse. Likewise, according to Science Business, regulatory framework on “high risk” AI – including […]

Are You Still Afraid of Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology provides safety and automation, allowing information to be locked digitally when exchanging data, converting it to code, and preventing unauthorized access or tampering. Exchanging data this way means it can never be modified, can only be shared with permission, and is not shared with a centralized third party. Companies worldwide are adopting new […]

What Is Biometric Data?

The use of biometric data, the method of identification that uses unique physical characteristics, has been under fire lately. In a suit settled last month, people in Illinois accused Facebook of breaking the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, which aims to block companies from gathering biometric data from Illinoians without their consent. Facebook agreed to […]

Why Employment Screening Still Requires the Human Touch

Humans have been relying on artificial intelligence (AI) since the 1950s, now utilizing it for voice assistants like Siri and Alexa; the translation of language, objects, pictures and sounds to create algorithms; in predictive systems; and in marketing. AI can even be used to conduct background checks and other forms of employment screening, identifying, evaluating […]


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