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Spains Council of Ministers has passed the Personal Data Protection Draft Act (Draft) for conformance to the GDPR. The Spanish state respects and reproduces in this draft the text of the GDPR, introducing some specifications on several aspects, to include the age for consent is lowered to 13 years old; consent is excluded as the […]

New Spanish Data Protection Law in 2017?

The Head of the Spanish Data Protection Authority (AEPD) recently announced in the VI IAB Congress that a draft bill to reform the current Spanish Data Protection Act (LOPD) will be submitted in February. The initiative aims to bring the Spanish data protection regime up to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is anticipated […]

Spain’s Parliament Modifies DPA Penalty Authority As DPA’s Enforcement Efforts Scrutinized

Spain has a new penalty regime for violations of privacy, with many minimum and maximum fines lowered. This is viewed as a business-friendly development at a time when the Spanish Data Protection Agency (“SPDA” or “Agency”) has earned a reputation as one of the more enforcement-oriented DPAs in the EU, and when one of its […]

Ground Breaking Modification of the Spanish Laws

A decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) introduces an important change to the Spanish data protection framework. In the past, companies had to rely on data subjects’ consent as the way of carrying out the majority of the data processing in Spain because they did not recognize the “legitimate interest” […]

Spanish Supreme Court Annuls Limitation on Processing of Personal Data

It was reported in November, the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) declared that Spain’s refusal to permit the “legitimate interest” justification for the processing of personal data — instead, requiring data subjects’ consent as the way of carrying out the majority of the data processing in Spain — violated section 7.f of […]

Privacy laws to be overhauled The European Labor Market Slows Down but Spain’s is ‘Nearing Collapse’, According to FedEE

The Federation of European Employers (FedEE) has reported in the EU27 as a whole the labor market was expanding throughout 2010 but the trend has been downward since Q2 2011 – mainly due to the rise of real earnings relative to production. Spain’s labor market index began 2010 well below the EU-average level and has […]

Spain Changes the Paradigm of International Transfers of Personal Data Allowing Spanish Data Processors to be “Exporters” Under the Standard Contractual Clauses for the Transfer of Data

The Spanish Data Protection Authority (SDPA) has established new procedures that allow data processors (not data controllers) based in Spain to obtain authorizations for transferring data processed on behalf of their customers (the data controllers) to sub-processors based in Third Countries that are not deemed to have an adequate level of protection for personal data. […]


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