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Costa Rica: Data Protection Amendments Reflect Country’s ‘Digital Maturity’

Amendments to Executive Decree No. 37554-JP, which supplement Law No. 8968 on the Protection of Individuals with Regards to the Processing of Personal Data 2011 (“the Data Protection Act”), have introduced new definitions of database, consent, data transfer and other key concepts. According to Fabian Solis, Associate at Facio & Cañas, the Amendments should clarify […]

Costa Rica Adopts a Data Protection Law

On 7 September, Costa Rica adopted a data protection law thus joining six other countries in Central and Latin America with such laws (Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru). The law, which aims to ensure privacy rights for any person, regardless of nationality, residence or domicile, applies both to automatic and manual processing in […]

Costa Rica Adopts Information Privacy Law

Costa Rica now has its own laws on the storing, sharing, and access of personal information. Under Law #8968 individuals must now provide their express consent for the collection of their personal information in databases, and individuals will have the right to revoke that consent at any time. The guidelines include the “right to informational […]


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