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Austria: Increased Due Diligence Obligations for Shareholder Creditors?

Under the Austrian Insolvency Code, those who wish to challenge certain disadvantageous transactions carried out by the debtor after material insolvency has occurred may do so. The risk of legal actions being contested is particularly relevant for shareholders who are also creditors of the debtor company. The Austrian Supreme Court recently needed to decide on […]

European Court Says Austrian DPA Not Independent

The European Court of Justice stated that Austria’s data protection authority is not sufficiently independent, and therefore fails to comply with the requirements of the European data protection directive. This is the second time that the European Court of Justice has found a data protection authority to lack independence. The first time involved Germany, where […]

New Amendments to Austrian Data Protection Law

The Austrian Data Protection Act (DPA) has been substantially revised for the first time since becoming effective in 2000. The revised DPA introduced a “data breach notification duty” to the Austrian data protection regime, which is similar to the respective obligations under U.S. and UK data privacy laws. With this, Austria (in addition to Germany) […]


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