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Cannabis Guide for the USA & Canada – Nevada, USA

The medical use of cannabis under certain circumstances was first legalized in Nevada in 2001, but at that time, no business could sell medical marijuana and there was no provision for the licensing or regulation of cannabis-related business until July 2013. The state allows certain licensed health care providers to certify patients with serious medical conditions to obtain a registry card. NRS Chapter 678B provides for the licensing and regulation of four types of medical cannabis establishments: dispensaries, cultivation facilities, production facilities, and independent testing laboratories. The Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act was enacted in 2016, decriminalizing possession and personal use of cannabis and cannabis products. NRS 678C.850 generally requires employers to attempt to reasonably accommodate the medical needs of an individual who holds a valid cannabis registry card unless it would pose a threat of harm to person or property, impose an undue hardship, or prohibit the employee from fulfilling any of his or her job responsibilities. The state recently adopted the U.S. Farm Bill, Section 7606 regulations, allowing eligible Nevada producers to carry our research projects relevant to the cultivation of industrial hemp under the guidance of the Nevada Department of Agriculture.


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