Buffalo Niagara Partnership Releases 2020 Guide to Background Screening Compliance

The hiring process can be an overwhelming experience without proper preparation, but with knowledge of workplace compliance, employers should be able to secure the right employees. Although most positions don’t require sex offender registry searches, it’s always better to take extra precautions, but federal and state laws dictate how you can use the information you find. Including a credit report in the screening process can confirm a person’s identity and demonstrate their reliability, while employment verification confirms dates of employment, job titles, professional responsibilities, salary information and reasons for termination, allowing employers to see if candidates have stretched the truth on their resume. Background checks should be completed on all candidates, even those who are recent graduates or those that don’t have work experience. Employment drug screening and drug tests are an important way to identify recent use or impairment. When a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) search is needed for new or existing employees, a screening provider can help navigate paperwork, remain compliant with state and local laws and interpret the results.


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