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Best Practices in Vetting Prospective and Current Employees

The 2019 Public-Private Analytic Exchange Program (AEP) Best Practices in Vetting Prospective and Current Employees Team conducted research to examine how organizations vet prospective and current personnel, respond to technological challenges, and design procedures to be as cost-effective and efficient as possible. The resulting data revealed how, when, and why personnel is vetted for employment, while also taking into account the potential impacts of not vetting, or improperly vetting, personnel.

The impacts can take the form of insider threats, negligent actions, and other negative events.

Based on our research, we assess organizations can improve hiring and retention practices through a focus on ensuring cultural fit within the business unit and the overall organization. Properly ordering and standardizing the process, along with the institution of a form of recurrent vetting, are key to selecting and retaining personnel that will bring the most value to the organization.


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