Benchmarking Focus: Candidate Eligibility Rates

\While the needs of an organization should certainly be considered when implementing a background check program, it is equally important to consider how others in the same industry are faring. Candidate eligibility rates can help reveal things that could be done a bit better when it comes to program performance. These rates vary across industries: within retail, 98.5 percent of candidates were eligible for hire after criminal screening, compared to 7.1 percent of retail candidates that required a decisional review by their employer. Ninety-six percent of candidates within the transportation industry were eligible for hire after criminal screening, but just 19.6 percent of candidates required a decision review. On the other end of the scale, however, just 67 percent of candidates in financial services were eligible for hire and 29.3 percent required a decisional review. Companies should take the time to become familiar with what is commonly accepted and what is not. For instance, those in healthcare follow strict industry guidelines, while unregulated industries such as retail and staffing often have fewer hiring restrictions.


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