“Ban the Box” Update: St. Louis Enacts Ordinance; California and Hawaii Expand Existing Laws

A growing number of states continue to prohibit employers from inquiring into a job applicant’s criminal background until later in the hiring process and/or restrict employers from using certain criminal conviction information in connection with their hiring decisions. St. Louis, Mo., was the most recent state to “ban the box” for employers with more than 10 employees, while California and Hawaii both have expanded their existing prohibitions. New regulations of the California Fair Chance Act (CFCA) expand the definition of an “applicant” to include individuals who begin work upon receiving a conditional offer of employment but before the employer has conducted or completed a criminal check. In Hawaii, SB 2193 prevents most private sector employers from considering felony convictions older than seven years, and misdemeanor convictions older than five years, reducing the look-back period from 10 years.


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