Accept No Substitutes

A new ‘marker’ system has been developed to curb drug test manipulation by detecting substituted samples that don’t belong to the individual who submitted them. Until now, sample substitution has only been detectable through diligent, gender-specific, full-frontal supervision by staff members; a process that results in a 15-20% human error rate. The new Marker Test is a non-disruptive process which requires clients to ingest a liquid “marker” that can be seen when the sample is sent to the lab for analysis. If the marker isn’t there, it’s proof that the sample was substituted. Although this doesn’t necessarily conclude that the subject is using drugs, it does indicate an attempt to manipulate the sample. To date, the Marker Test has been used in over 400,000 drug tests in Europe and the Middle East, and will soon be available in the United States. With more than 1,000 distinct markers possible, it’s statistically improbable to predict which marker an individual will receive. In addition, the marker is also kept secret from the administrator, eliminating a biased test on either side. The Marker Test improves the integrity of samples, frees staff of babysitting test takers and identifies those clients attempting to manipulate their drug test thus revealing their state of mind, which can be used to help improve their treatment.

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