About the Vendor Showcase

The Vendor Showcase is a comprehensive listing of companies that provide business support services for the multi-billion dollar background screening industry which has grown exponentially over the last 25 years. The types of services offered by companies listed in the Vendor Showcase are many and varied, and range from courthouse record retrievers to software providers to publishing firms.

The Vendor Showcase is structured by categories to make it easy for you to quickly find a company that will best serve your needs. You can search the following categories in the Vendor Showcase:

Address Verification

Accreditation Support

Applicant Tracking

Affiliate Programs

Best Advertising Awards

Compliance Products

Consulting and Legal Services

Continuous monitoring, Continuous Screening, Infinity Screening, Post Hire Screening and Rescreening

Court House Searches/Public Record Retrievers

Credit Services

Customer and Vendor Screening

Drug Testing

Due Diligence

Education and Training

E-verify and Immigration Support

Expert Witness

Handwriting Analysis, and Lie Detection

Healthcare Screening Data

Identity Management & Biometric Screening


International Providers

Investigators & Polygraph

KYC Identity Resolution

Marketing and Public Relations

Media Tracking and Monitoring

Motor Vehicle and Driver Records

Online Searches

Onsite Inspections

Politically Exposed Persons and Negative Media Screening


Printing Services

Sanctions, Watch List & Exclusion Checks

Sexual Offenders/Vulnerable Populations

Social Medial Monitoring and Screening

Technology Solutions: Databases, Software Solutions, Information Techology Services

Training and Conferences

Verification Services: Employment, Education,Salary and Reference Checking

Verified Credentials


Our goal is to make it easy for you to find a company to meet your business needs. If you are aware of companies that we should include in the Vendor Showcase we would welcome you telling us about them. Also if a company listed is no longer providing the indicated services or not available please let us know so that we can remove them from the Vendor Showcase. Send your information to Barry at wbnixon@PreemploymentDirectory.com.

Background Screening firms no longer need to look in multiple places to identify companies and services available to meet their needs, they only need to look in the Vendor Showcase.

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